Grim Tales of the Brothers Kollin is our first-ever anthology of short stories.

General Verdict: In a world where America neither won nor lost the Revolution, George Washington and his 10,000-strong Continental Army have a choice to make. Do they try to save England from a French invasion by the greatest general of the age or do they betray their tenuous loyalty to the mother country with the French promise of Independence for neutrality? On the sunny, summer fields of old England Washington must make a fateful choice as a new world waits to be born.

Day by Day: What if the Mayan’s had been right about Dec. 21st, 2012? What if it had truly been the last day on Earth? To the great relief of those following the ancient prophecy, nothing happens. And then the world awakes on December 21st…again, and again and again. In this new time-looped reality no action—no matter how depraved or noble-—matters anymore, to anyone. That is, except for one man and a centuries-old baby who will go on a quest to save the world—one that will last 500 years…and a day.

Confessions of a Vampire Knight in the Zombie Wars: Confessions is an autobiographical journal entry of a formally ruthless vampire who has the misfortune of waking up three years after the successful Zombie Apocalypse. The human population is down to 50,000 and shrinking fast. The Zombies number somewhat north of five billion. Our snarky, cynical 400-year-old vampire is forced to do something he had neither the inclination or skill set to do. He must singlehandedly bring together and save the shattered remnants of the human race and do so as a vampire; revealed.

Street Level With a Madman: What if the Jews of Europe could have survived the Holocaust, indeed even thrived? But what if the price for that rescue came at the cost of their collective soul? This is a moral inversion tale that begins with the simple act of one foot slipping on a clutch and ends in a nightmare that is arguably far worse than the death of the six million.

Teach Your Children Well: The human race lives under a completely new form of capitalism called Incorporation, the entire solar system has been colonized and 40 billion human beings live in a post-singularity world that stretches all the way from Mercury to the Oort Cloud. But some things never change—humanity still has its wars and dads can still be deadbeats. Now, one has to survive a war while trying keep a daughter alive who has no desired to be saved. [Authors’ Note: This story appeared in an earlier anthology called 5×5 but it has been completely rewritten to tell the story in a more linear fashion].

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