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Check Out Our First-Ever Short Story Collection

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We’re proud to announce the  launch of our first short story collection, Grim Tales of the Brothers Kollin. It includes two alt histories, The General Verdict and Street Level with a Madman, one dark fantasy, Confessions of a Vampire Knight in the Zombie Wars, and one hard SF (A genre of SciFi that adheres to real science) called, Teach Your Children Well. Three of the stories were written during the down time between our Unincorporated universe novels and one, Teach Your Children Well, an offshoot of The Unincorporated War, was written for an earlier anthology but completely re-written for this one to be told in a more linear fashion.

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The Unincorporated Man

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The Unincorporated War

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The Unincorporated Woman

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The Unincorporated Future

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Chemistry, Chaos & Steam

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Grim Tales of the Brothers Kollin

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