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Eytan and I are loving being part of the Wattpad online phenomenon in which millions of readers get to weigh in on and effect the course of a novel in progress. Every week we drop another chapter (in bite-sized, quickly readable chunks). So if you ever wanted to be part of a Kollin Brothers novel, here’s your chance! Chemistry, Chaos & Steam: A Magistery of Dunces is a future steampunk story in which four kids with absolutely nothing in common unite in their determination to take on a threat that the rest of the world refuses to admit exists.  One of the most important days in this world is the Test Day of the Grand Exam. It’s taken by all ten to twelve-year-olds in order to determine if they’re intelligent enough to warrant further education⎯whether that be in trade schools, apprenticeships or admission to various institutions of higher learning. Those who do exceptionally well are sent to an elite university/boarding school called the Magistery of Chemistry & Steam. Those who don’t are deemed dunces and left to fend mostly for themselves⎯that is, if they survive their indentured servitude.

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The Unincorporated Man

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The Unincorporated War

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The Unincorporated Woman

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The Unincorporated Future

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Chemistry, Chaos & Steam

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Grim Tales of the Brothers Kollin

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