Here’s a little gift for those of you who’ve read through our Unincorporated series of books: the edited out prologue from book three, The Unincorporated Woman. Our editor, the late, great David Hartwell felt that it didn’t pass what he called the “airport test.” Namely, assume someone picks up the book having not read any of the others. That prospective buyer decides if he’s going to get the book based on what he reads in the first few pages. Had he read this original prologue he probably would’ve put the book down (and you’ll see why when you read it). In truth, I like what we replaced it with better (especially given the airport rule). Still, this prologue really sets the scene for what transpires when we finally meet The Unincorporated Woman. If you haven’t bought the book yet (what are you waiting for??) print this out and read it first!  Click here to read the prologue.

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